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Marketplace Solution is a web-based sales ecosystem that allows you to create and customize your own website, known as a Storefront. Now you can promote and sell Assumption Life products to your clients online.

Marketplace Solution doesn’t need to be installed because it’s web-based! Simply sign in to get started.

A Storefront is a dynamic website that explains the features, advantages and benefits of Assumption Life solutions to your clients in an easy-to-understand way. Not only does it educate them on the solutions available to them, it allows them to buy their policy online as well, making the transaction simple no matter where they are!

The Checkout is where your clients answer the necessary medical questions, and provide banking information and signatures to complete their transaction (i.e.: the sale of their policy).

Yes, however we recommend clients complete their application on a desktop or tablet.

Yes! Assumption Life uses the latest security practices to ensure your data is safe. All sensitive information is encrypted, and accounts are password protected. Furthermore, the web systems used when you submit your application are SSL certified.

Yes, but all updates are done automatically so there’s no extra work for you.

Only Better Mortgage Insurance is available on Marketplace Solution at the moment.

You only need one set of credentials to connect to all Assumption Life platforms (which includes Lia, Advisor Corner and Marketplace Solution). If you are unable to log into your account, please contact us.

Setting up a Storefront takes as little as five minutes. Once you’re logged in, you must accept terms and conditions. After accepting, a page called “My Profile” opens. Within this page, you must fill out the compliance information relevant to your business.
When your profile is complete, click “save profile” at the bottom of the page. Then, click on the three lines located at the top right corner of your page and select “Marketplace Administration” to continue.
These actions redirect you to the final step: creating your storefront. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Learn More” in the Better Mortgage Insurance box, which will open a new page. In this page, supply up to three pieces of information:

  1. Your personalized url: this is the web address of your very own web Storefront, where your prospects learn about your offering, and ultimately, where they can make purchases.
  2. Phone number: this is the phone number that appears on your web Storefront. It’s visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it's important to choose a number that quickly reaches someone who can answer questions about the products you offer.
  3. Your logo: your logo is optional, but if you upload one, it will appear on your Storefront.

Once all the information is filled-in, simply click on the Activate button and your Storefront will be ready to sell! If you made a mistake, you can easily edit all your information by going back into the Solution inside Marketplace Solution.

Right away! There is no waiting period. As soon as your Storefront is created, you can start promoting your page and processing your applications.

Advisors and clients automatically receive an email when an application is submitted, indicating that a transaction has been completed.

No. However, depending on the policy amount, age, and answers to health and lifestyle questions, policies can be settled quickly. An accelerated issue policy requires no further underwriting beyond the questionnaire and an MIB report. This simplifies the process and ensures quick approval for your clients.

Even though your clients can buy life insurance without your immediate assistance, you (and they) can rest assured that the process is secure. The information that your clients provide through Marketplace Solution is protected, and head office provides the appropriate disclosures at the time of issue.

We are on Apexa! If you don’t have access to Apexa through your MGA, you simply need to contact us!

For help with Lia, please contact our technical support team by phone (1-855-853-6040 - Option 2), by using the form on top of this page, or by email.

Not at this time. Better Mortgage Insurance currently comes with 3 options: 1) Life Insurance; 2) Life Insurance with a DI rider; and 3) Life Insurance with DI and CI riders. For more information or to see other bundling options, download Lia.

We do not underwrite occupations for monthly DI benefits of $1,500 or less (all answers to medical and lifestyle questions must be negative). Dangerous occupations are rated for amounts greater than $1,500. See Page 14 of the Underwriting Guidelines for more details.

For more information on our DI rider, please see our Complete Rider Guide or check out the sample contracts that are available on our Document Centre.

The maximum payment is $3,500 because the DI rider benefit cannot exceed $3,500 per month. However, this does not affect the face value of the policy.

Yes, TIAs are available for clients who meet our normal eligibility requirements.

Better Mortgage Insurance is a joint first-to-die policy. If your client needs a different configuration, please process their sale using Lia.

No. Assumption Life will order medical tests when necessary, and ensure all underwriting requirements are met.

Of course! Just make sure you complete the Logo Use Authorization Form to secure permission.

Absolutely! To order your marketing materials, just send us an email with your request.

Your Storefront link can be shared on any website you use, but it is not mandatory to share it on Facebook or on any other social media platform. Keep in mind though that the more visibility you have for your Storefront, the more potential clients you can reach.

Yes! You can track your clients’ quotes and how far they got in their application, by province, by hot leads, and more.
Clients who exit their application without submitting are looked after, too. They receive a reference code by email, which allows them to return to their pending application without losing any of the information they already provided.

Yes, by logging in to Marketplace Solution and accessing the Storefront Performance page, where you can see the number of page views, quotes generated, and completed sales for each Storefront. A page view is defined as a view of a page on your site that is being tracked by the Analytics tracking code. If a user clicks reload after reaching the page, this counts as an additional page view.